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Frequently asked questions



  • What is CutePDF Editor?
    CutePDF Editor is a cloud-based PDF application that makes it easy for you to edit any PDF files for FREE. It looks and feels like a desktop software, but it works through your Web Browser, so there is nothing to install or maintain. No sign-up and it's FREE!
  • What do I need to run CutePDF Editor?
    You can use the free CutePDF Editor in any latest Web Browser.
  • Is there a file size limit for CutePDF Editor?
    The current version of CutePDF Editor can open a PDF file with size less than 10 MB and has no more than 300 pages. The combined PDF file can be as large as 10 MB.
  • Security and Privacy Measures
    Our service uses the latest SSL technology, which means everything you do while using CutePDF Editor is encrypted. No Sign-up nor registration means our service does not have your personally identifiable information. Besides, our service does not keep any of your PDF files.
  • What is a cloud-based service?
    A cloud-based service provides software over the Internet. You get the performance and functionality of desktop software without having to install or maintain anything. You can access the latest version of the software every time you launch CutePDF Editor in your Web Browser.

Some Tips:

  • Always click to close opened Files before leaving CutePDF Editor
  • Although CutePDF Editor will delete your opened PDF file on session timeout after you leaving the application, but clicking Close File will delete all your uploaded PDFs immediately from our server and release resource.
  • Set your Web Browser to pop-up the Save As file dialog box
  • Save file button in CutePDF Editor works like download a file. Some Browser would not show Save file dialog box by default. You may need to do the following setting.
    In Edge, click the top right Settings and more -> click Settings -> check “Ask me what to do with each download” under Downloads.
    In Chrome, click the top right Customize… -> click Settings -> check “Ask where to save each file before downloading” under Downloads.
    In Firefox, click the top right Open menu -> click Options -> check “Always ask you where to save files” under Downloads.